Infinitum Electric Taps into the Growing Electric Vehicle Market in Central Texas

As reported by the Austin Business Journal.

The electric vehicle market is growing in central Texas, and Infinitum Electric is a piece of that growth. Several EV companies are expanding into the region or calling it home, leading to a projected 90 percent increase in electric transportation related employment in Texas by 2024.

Infinitum Electric is poised to grow, both as a company and specifically in the EV sector. The company plans on doubling its team by the end of 2021 and anticipates outgrowing its current facilities within 36 months (as of Dec. 2020).

An ongoing partnership with a tier one vehicle component manufacturer is focused on testing Infinitum Electric’s circuit board technology with oil-cooling techniques used in existing cars, with the goal of producing a solution for hybrid assist power trains to improve hybrid vehicle efficiency.

This partnership builds on Infinitum Electric’s IEm Series motor, which utilizes a printed circuit board stator instead of a traditional iron core stator for superior efficiency, durability and power density, in a compact and lightweight package. This patented stator is at the core of all Infinitum Electric solutions across fan, pump, consumer appliance and mobility applications.

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