wp-low-acoustic-noiseInfinitum Electric’s innovative PCB stator design eliminates two common issues in electric motors – acoustic noise and torque ripple.

These advanced motors offer low acoustic noise because of the absence of normal magnetic forces acting between the rotor and the stator. This results in an average of 3 dB lower sound power noise across the entire frequency range, making our motors some of the quietest you will find on the market.

Additionally, Infinitum Electric motors do not have an iron core or slots on the stator, which means the distribution of the magnetic flux across the airgaps and stator remains constantTherefore, there is no pulsating magnetic force acting on the rotor, reducing torque ripple.

In this white paper, we cover some of the design features that set Infinitum Electric’s motors apart, including:

  • Lack of iron in the stator
  • No core losses and negligible rotor loss
  • Absence of magnetic forces between the rotor and the stator

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