Honoring the Women of Infinitum Electric on International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day is celebrated around the world today, we want to honor the tremendous impact women at Infinitum Electric are making every day. 


Their contributions are many, and because of their hard work, curiosity, empathy and creativity, they are making our company a better place – and also the world a better place by delivering world-changing technology that makes a real impact on climate change. 

International Women’s Day is the perfect time to highlight these talented women who contribute to our team and shape the future of motor technology. With this year’s theme being #ChooseToChallenge, we want to encourage more women to work and lead in our field to build a more gender equal world. 

This year the women of Infinitum Electric shared their career insights and the importance of empowering women at every age.

Bahar Anvari, Senior Electro-Magnetic Engineer

“Engineering is an exciting career path for women where every day you can solve a new problem, which is endlessly rewarding. But it’s also challenging so you must be passionate about it. I encourage women and young females that are considering a career in engineering to gain exposure to it through school, or by attending workshops and get their feet wet with small engineering projects. No matter what career you pursue, there will always be challenges. At the workplace, it’s important to be vocal and ask your supervisor to help you pursue your goals through leadership programs within and outside your company. Lastly, we can all empower our women colleagues by acknowledging them, appreciating their hard work and making sure they feel comfortable in our work environment.”

Erica Schauer, Office Manager 

“The technology industry is always changing so anyone who wants to be part of it needs to be adaptable and have a flexible mindset and an appetite for growth and learning.  Attention to detail, adaptability, perseverance and people skills are important in any career path. There is no reason to be intimidated; electric motors are fascinating. When it comes to supporting other women, mentors are important for giving us direction and pointing us towards opportunities we may not recognize on our own. They can support us when we need to be uplifted and push us when we lack vision. But, ultimately, empowerment comes from within. Doing a job well builds confidence and drives success.” 


Tahrim Chowdhury, Sr. Electronics Engineer

“Being a professional engineer is highly invigorating because you get to work with a team of smart people to develop amazing, innovative products – as varied as artificial heart valves and treadmills used in the Space Station. It takes genuine interest, passion, natural curiosity and focus to be an engineer. To grow and become a better engineer it’s important to question everything – even your own work – be eager to learn new things, take risks and make mistakes. To advance or take a leadership role, build your case by doing impeccable work, take the initiative, prove your worth and develop a career plan and plot a course to reach your goals. Companies that encourage their engineers to set aside time to mentor ultimately benefit from influencing girls towards an engineering career. In the workplace, women engineers should mentor each other by sharing experiences and encouraging one another. It makes for a stronger engineering team and everyone benefits.”

Melissa Tankersley, Financial Controller

“I find it rewarding to provide accurate financial information to management so they can make informed decisions that steers the company’s future. We all want growth because it provides an opportunity for others to work, support for their families and to have a purpose. My experience is that an inquisitive approach, a desire to solve problems and hard work equal success. When it comes to supporting other women in the workplace, mentorship allows you to put aside your ego and ask the really hard questions (good or bad), but the best mentors often lead their mentee to solve their own problems. In fact, I also believe that no one else can or needs to empower you. Ultimately only you can empower you.”